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Ultimate Boot Camp for Brides offers the client a unique program which gives you the opportunity to hire a team of specialists to prepare you physically for the most important day your life. You will receive one-on-one training, guidance and counseling throughout your Boot Camp stay.

We want this day for you to be your very best and by looking fabulous you will feel fabulous. Each client will have the opportunity to work closely with their trainer so that they achieve their maximum potential. You have invested all this into your day now invest in yourself to feeling and looking the best you can.

Services are tailored to your individual needs~ We can do any amount of sessions you wish from 12 sessions to 12 week and beyond~ What makes us so flexible is that WE COME to you!! We will travel within an hour of Philadelphia for you ~ Should you need us to come to Jersey SURE! we will prorate you for that, in one easy package ~I offer the bride, groom, party or family a eight or twelve week Get in shape program ~ it consists of Fit-Check, Nutritional Counseling, v/am and e/am support. We tend to see the client at least 2x a week which averages out to 16 sessions ~ once the client is through the program a diploma and T-shirt are given to him or her.This program grew out of my bridal coordinating business as I am a competitive bodybuilder for over 5 years and CPT have been asked many times "how do I get rid of this?" It really isn't that hard, we just make "adjustments to your existing diet ~ we are not nutritionists ~ but we can help you with that when we look at your diet.

We however are not miracle workers, and do not claim to be ~ We ourselves are not cookie cutters ~ and you can be large and in good shape.

I feel that I need to address this issue as I read a great article this past weekend as I was doing my cardio. There is just so much misinformation that will drive you as well as me crazy~ so I hope in this newsletter that is WAY overdue I answer a few of the questions that I get asked on a daily basis:

HCFS: Hydrogenated Corn Fructose Syrup~ this is a very inexpensive way that the industry can place something else in your food along of course with corn syrup. In many foods you will find these not so far from each other on your label listings.

FACT:Any oil that is brought up past the boiling point is recognized as FAT in your system~Along with this I hate today it is in everything, as consumers don't really have the time nor do we take the time. So now we are a nation of FAT PEEPS blaming them for our bad eating habits~~ gee suing Mcd's for your eating habits~novel idea wasn't it?

SPLENDA ~ along with eating correctly is knowing what is in your food~ splenda's base is chlorine ~ bet ya didn't know that little tid bit~ in its real original form that is what it is~ the FDA has no problem placing this in your food so eat and drink up!

MILK ~ yes it does the body good but you can live without it and I have for 6years & I know others have for 15-20 yrs~Milk is fat so downing those few classes can add to the total daily allowance~ If you have to do it then go to skim ~ slowly take yourself off the whole milk~ actually after you do this you will be able to taste that fatty part of your wonderful glass of milk~ Aren't I a kill joy?

Supplements ~ taken correctly they will work for you~Learn what goes with what and what supplements react with what~ if you are backing off of carbs a bit then take FLAX to supplement~ what you remove your body will ask for in a different way

Ephreda ~ is FINALLY not the bad guy thank the lord! I guess if I went to baseball camp overweight and in 3 pairs of sweats in 90%+ heat I may die to~ Taken responsibly this will help ~ follow the directions and you have to EAT! that is what most people forget to do when taking this supplement~

My Wedding Feature Article

Getting in shape for your big day...
the Philadelphia way ~

"Frazzled Yet??? Six months to go before your big day and already you feel overwrought and overwhelmed. To top that all off, you have gained a few extra pounds due to nerves, and you’re beginning to feel a bit overweight! no worries.." Continued at

As the web site states it is to be made in full at the time of signing ~ No refunds will be given ~ Cash and check only ~ Two price points ~ 8 week $750.00 - 12 week is $775.00 ` Payment is non-refundable, non transferable and must be made in full at the time of signing unless otherwise specified ~ Cancellation 24 hrs. before scheduled appointment.

We have been featured to date in Lifestyle section of the Reading Eagle in the January 24th edition and also on Channel 69 news with Brittany Westbrook. I am also in production with Janet Zappala of Fox 29 as well as CN8 for their Good Morning Show.

Remember you can change yourself with a little dedication and commitment ~ This will give you more energy ~ reduce your stress level and help boost your self confidence along with being the best you can ever be.

You have invested in your day, now why not yourself???


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