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Just a few thoughts from my clients~~~~

I was totally planning on not having a wedding planner/cooridinator at all. But I went to this wedding seminar and Sarah was speaking, she knows so much and has so many contacts, she gives great advice and knows what she is talking about - I knew she'd be a huge help and I needed her.

And I was right, she ALWAYS answers her phone or if for some reason she doesn't she will call you back ASAP!!! I think there wasn't a day during the wedding planning process that I didn't email her atleast 3-10 times a day and she always got back to me.

She was a huge help at the rehearsal, totally orchestrating the whole thing. The priest didn't come to the rehearsal, so she filled in for him - it was hilarious but we were able to get the job done. And I really don't know what we would have done without her on the wedding day - she was right there when I needed her (I was feeling a little weak and she ran to get me a salt water concoction), I had some dirt on my dress - she sat on the floor rubbing and blotting it out. She was another set of eyes overseeing the florist and caterer, but when I needed her she was right there for me. And if I saw that something was missing or not how I wanted it, she was easy to find - I would just tell her and it would be taken care of. (It's too hard to depend on finding a friend or a family member and then they have to find the caterer or florist).

Sarah came to my parents house the day before the wedding to gather and transport items for the ceremony and reception, which she then gathered up and returned to my parents house the day after the wedding - this was an amazing help!!!

She has great ideas, knows tons of vendors, has many connections and is so involved. If I had it to do over again I would not change having her right there!

What a great time saver she was! I had one week between graduation and grad school and Sarah got everything together and we made a few trips out and all the major items were signed sealed and delivered for my wedding date ~ I actually got to relax without headaches worrying about this and that as she handled all matters~ Grad school is rough enough ~ then planning a wedding on top of that!!! She has the connections that is for sure


Well what can I say ~ she even got us a house rental on top of planning the fabulous affair to be held at the Manor at princeton Academy in May of 2005. She has been great ~ meeting with photographers, florists, stationers & custom dressmakers, Sarah has a wonderful base of talented people that she has introduced me to~ only the best. I can't wait until my date as she even solved that family disagreement


Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing wedding. It was everything that I could have dreamed of and we had a wonderful time!


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